We offer assistance for the conceptual and technical pre-production. We have different camera solutions which we adjust to various specific requirements. We know our gear and beside of 360 skills we also know conventional filmsets.

Full productions

We offer whole productions for commercials, films and interactive projects. Depending on the size of the project we have several partners so we can manage any production.


You can also book us just for the shooting – and we come together with our gear. Our basic team consists of a camera operator and a 360 technician. Some projects might require additional crew with 360 experience.

360 audio

360 spatial Sound is a big issue in many cases, we offer the technology and expertise/ staff. Our sound specialists can be part of a Vtopia360 production but also booked separately.

Post-Production and Stitching

We also offer technical and creative solutions for post-production – titching, editing, coloring, rendering.