We have expertise ranging from 360 video production to film-based interactive experiences,
and we are always up to date with the newest developments.
We design and produce your 360° Video Experiences

Script/ storyboarding
360° video shooting
Interactive elements
Integration into your VR app, on social media or your website
A 40K high resolution custom 360 rig
Ourself designed, most slim 4topia Sony Rig
Shooting a VR video with Arri Alexa
A custom solution from 2015
Wireless monitoring
Sky and mountain replacement

Your experts for custom solutions

360 Virtual Reality requires special gear.
We are familiar with the latest 360 cameras and spatial sound equipment; such as the Zcam Pro. Additional we use our own custom Rigs, so we are also experienced with using DSLR and professional film cameras e.g. the Red Helium or Arri Alexa Mini for Virtual Reality
You can also book us for live monitoring and rigging.

For postproduction we are familiar with a variety of workflows for managing challenges and cooperations.
We do stitching, coloring and editing in-house.

In collaboration with our partners we are able to generate highly interactive experience beyond filmmaking and also customize your app, publish your product online or prepare it tailor-made for your showcases.
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